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    Veoh excludes 85% of the world


    por luceritoazul

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    Neacsu Elena
    Nice. :P
    But you know what's really "fun"? That they keep using the videos we have uploaded. I keep getting comments on my videos, but I can't even read them... Ain't it fun?
    Por Neacsu ElenaHace 8 años
    Just because that guy thinks that their country is soooo wealthy, one thing for sure that country does'nt produce oil and happily raises its price to the the people WORLD WIDE!!!!
    Por KubaruHace 8 años
    Ohh!!!... that guy thinks he doesnt Care much about us and not doesnt matter at all..BECAUSE THAT GUY SUCK WAYYY DOWWNN TO HECK!!!.... TAKE THAT YOU "I DONT CARE WHAT YOU DO" PERSON!!!
    Por KubaruHace 8 años
    great, i hope if any of the people responsible of this stupidity does travels the get something like "oh im sorry we dont care if you're from europe, this beach/food/club/country was not meant for you", i can't ever think of a possible reason a growing company such as veoh would do such a dumb choice to "focus"? WTH is focus anyways? im sure they spent a lot of money blocking these countries, by the way are they getting extra profit from "premium" countries now the others are gone? seems like monkeys run millionaire enterprises such as veoh now a days....just think about that
    Por MantogatoHace 8 años
    i very hate ppl in video bcs him try block my anime =.=
    i dun care if him dead but cant stop me open u web veoh bcs i use proxy ( pro ) me to same like i dun care if u dead
    Por LifeStarIIHace 8 años
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