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    Gerry Mulligan&Dave Brubeck-all the things you are

    Mikhail Manakhov

    Mikhail Manakhov

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    Mikhail Manakhov
    Only too glad which You'll love it!
    Same here love very much imagination of Gerry Mulligan.
    He is always magnificent;
    Пользователем Mikhail Manakhov5 лет назад
    This is a great video. I am a big fan of Gerry Mulligan and he adds so much to this performance. Every musician here is superb. Love to hear he and Paul Desmond together,fun to listen to.

    Thank you for posting this video.
    Пользователем Saverateze5 лет назад
    Max Antoine Grondin
    J'aime beaucoup !!! A bientôt.
    Пользователем Max Antoine Grondin6 лет назад