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    Lab-grown meat

    Vegan Future

    by Vegan Future

    Go Vegan Radio's Bob Linden interviews Nicole Matthews, campaign co-ordinator of PETA's Kentucky Fried Cruelty Campaign.

    Nicole speaks about a one million dollar reward being offered by PETA to the first scientist who can create, and bring to market, a commercially successful "chicken flesh" than can be grown in a laboratory. She describes some of the suffering endured by chickens and other animals and how lab-grown meat (also known as in-vitro meat) eliminates this cruelty.

    Reference is made in the interview to the fact that, despite this drive to produce lab-grown meat, a meat-free, plant-based vegan diet is the most healthy option for humans.

    Comments Nicole: "We've discovered that you can kick the meat habit and feel better about yourself inside and out but considering that meat-eaters are routinely consuming flesh contaminated with faeces, drugs, bacteria, we imagine that once they get used to the idea - like switching from dissecting a frog to using a sophisticated computer model - they'll be more than happy to eat meat created in a laboratory."

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