Cellphone Popcorn Popping & Bird Flock Suicides

EMF Woman
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I notice a lot of pro and con discussion about popcorn and cellphones lately.

Notice that the popcorn kernels are surrounded by at least three cellphones with antennae pointed at the kernels. Kernels must be in middle of area so all cellphone antennae transmissions center on them.

I'm no physicist (B.S., M.E.), but after collecting info on unusual and rare event EMF effects, natural and artificial, since 1965, I see some possibe tie-ins here with at least three bird flock suicides I have on record.

1. Many bird flocks and schools of fish turn as one unit, almost instantaneously....kind of a "group mind" effect. We know birds and fish and other creatures (even humans??....charisma?) receive and transmit natural geoelectromagnetic and EMFs from each other, as well as interactions with the environment....it's called "survival"!

2. We are becoming more aware that specie-specific window frequencies and waveforms (not necessarily intensity) affect living systems in various ways. It's the information content of the signals that creates biological effects. Humans are not the only living things that transmit information contents with EMF signals!! .. alltho our artificial signals are often far stronger (and sometimes less informative) than most natural signals.
3. I understand (comments here, please) that there is such a phenomenon known as interference, when two EMF or sonic frequencies intersect......Depending of phase of signal you get either destructive (reduction) or constructive (increase) interference....I believe this kind of situation creates a "standing wave" effect.

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