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    Malcolm X & Keith LeBlanc - No Sell Out

    Nickeleus Zemborian

    por Nickeleus Zemborian

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    Distinguished guests
    Brothers and sisters
    Ladies and gentlemen
    Friends and enemies
    White, black, brown, red, yellow
    It doesn't make any difference what color you are
    The only thing power respects is power
    They take one little word out of what you say
    Ignore all the rest
    And then begin to magnify it all over the world
    To make you look like what you actually aren't
    Much of what I say might sound like it's stiring up trouble
    But it's the truth
    With the truth
    We don't care who likes it or not
    As long as we know it's the truth
    No, either this or that, this or that
    If you're wrong, you're wrong
    And if you're right, you're right
    There is no skullduggery
    No flim-flam
    No compromise
    No sell out
    No controlled show
    You can't deny that
    You may not like my saying it
    But you can't deny it
    If you're afraid to tell the truth
    Why you don't even deserve freedom
    You can't say you're not going to have an explosion
    And you leave the condition
    And as long as those ingredients..