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    EDDY ARMANI - Hot Legs

    Jack Slipper

    by Jack Slipper

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    EDDY ARMANI, singer, writer, dj, and actor,
    with 'Hot Legs' at the Sheen Club, Barnes.
    Eddy ran the Tina Turner fan club, and was her personal wardrobe assistant.

    A celebration of, and tribute to, a great friend.
    Eddy Armani, Kokomo, and Franke Pharoah, kindly perform after a sad event - check out the other videos.

    Vocals: Eddy Armani.
    Guitar: Bernie Holland (see below).
    Sax: Andy Hamilton (see below).
    Keyboards: Eric7 (see below).
    Bass Guitar: Mark Smith (details to follow).
    Drums: Ivor (details to follow).
    Aiding Eddy with his dance moves are
    Frank Collins (see below) and Pat Triplet (see below).

    ANDY HAMILTON - many top credits include musical associations with Tina Turner, George Michael, Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys, and Duran Duran. He composes theme and incidental music for TV and film in both the USA and UK,
    Check out Andy's web page:

    BERNIE HOLLAND was guitarist with Patto and Love Affair. Later he performed and recorded with, and wrote for, Van Morrison, Georgie Fame, and Jeff Beck, amongst many others. One of the many albums to which he contributed was the Rutles 'Archaeology.' Bernie, also a respected and accredited music teacher, has an upcoming new web site - keep a look out for

    FRANK COLLINS, with Dyan Birch and Paddy McHugh, is an ex-member of Arrival, and later, Kokomo, that included Tony O'Malley, Neil Hubbard, Mel Collins, and Alan Spenner.
    Frank, contributing vocals to Bryan Ferry's 'In Your Mind' album, also worked with Ian Dury, Marc Bolan, Terence Trent D'Arby, Alison Moyet, Bob Dylan & Marianne Faithfull.

    ERIC7, (aka Eric Robinson.) Check out Eric at

    PAT TRIPLET produced lighting design and
    dressings for rock 'n'roll shows.

    Video by Jack Slipper.
    Copyright © - All rights reserved.