KEMET MATRIX The greatest story never told part 5

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For anyone who wants the truth!
Pour tous ceux qui veulent la vérité!

3 commentaires

Why do the Zionists Talmudist Illuminati persist to devilise, rediculise and Fight with all mean the Islam? Why do what you consider as your biggest ennemy, they promote Atheism and the idea of darwinism in Religions and Thinking, the Idea of Sumerian Egyptian Polytheist essence of the Primordial Monotheist Religion, you think as the same matter as they made their New Age Luciferian Religion for the NEW WORLD ORDER, but you consider them as your enemies? Please stop confusing with simplicism reducing comparing of icons, like Jesus Horu (Horus), Marie (Isis), there is no Cult of the Virgin Mary or Jesus in the Authentic Christianity and were a Pagan inspiration, but is'nt mean that all the Doctrine is Pagan
Par Alefbeth Il y a 7 ans
There is a primordial Tradition and Religion, that continues with the pure Monotheism, it's a confusion if you tell us that the Doctrine is a bull-shit, and also Maçons are enemies, but the fearest ennemy of the Maçons, Kabbalists and Zionists are the pure Religions?
The conventional Archeological Therories, that still be Theories, could'nt be as they, if they were not approved by the Mightiest Judeo-Kabbalists
Par Alefbeth Il y a 7 ans
Who Fights Religions, Fights with the System, that does'nt mean if the Vatican is a weapon of Slavery that the Christianity is, the History was written, the Archeologists are frequently a Liers to keep up Strong the Matrix, and to keep the Human FAR from the Truth and the ONE GOD, the Invisible unimageable GOD and the Faith, with a delivrance from materialist world, be Careful from using the Illuminati Zionists Weapons, you will FALL
Par Alefbeth Il y a 7 ans