Birth Control is a sin

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Rev Donald Spitz
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If you would like to know more about sin and Birth Control see:
I'm am not a Catholic, even though I was raised one, and this priest speaks the truth. Generally only Catholics speak the truth about birth control being as evil as killing a baby by abortion. One never hears a word about birth control in the 'Protestant' churches and now almost all Protestant churches have come to accept this destroying sin as being acceptable. Birth Control leads to sexual immorality and abortion. These sins bring God's judgment on us and on our country. We will not escape God's wrath unless we repent and it's clear we are not repenting. Do not use birth control, it is a sin. Not allowing a child to be conceived is as evil as killing the child once he/she is conceived.

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Birth Control is a sin against God.
By Rev Donald Spitz 6 years ago