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    NS 233

    Joey Gattuso

    by Joey Gattuso

    NS 233 speeds west with an NS/BNSF/Southern Pacific/Conrail lashup. Normally I have seen this train run with a triple set of Catfish, Catfish/GEVO/Catfish/GEVO, or even three Catfish and a GEVO for power, but not this time! This was my friend Colin's first time of seeing Southern Pacific, and needless to say was pretty stoked about it. This is the third time I've seen one (fourth if you count a former SP Tunnel Motor with LTEX lease markings).

    Sorry for the blurriness, my JVC camcorder was on the "AGC" setting under "Gain Up" and I forgot to set it to Normal mode.

    Recorded 4.12.2008