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    Custom Stickers, Good Beer, and Bicycles


    by stickergiant

    Hello I'm Katie Brevard and welcome to StickerGiant TV. StickerGiant’s custom printing team has been working hard making stickers for cool people and companies all over the world New Belgium Brewing’s Urban Assault Ride, the pedal-powered urban adventure held in 8 cities across the nation. The Urban Assault Ride™ is a funky bike scavenger hunt that involves street-smart riding, obstacle courses, and a huge after party.

    Recently the women of Central Arkansas Roller Derby came to us to make stickers for their club. These women call themselves the rock-n-renegades so we had to make them a rockin’ sticker. This 2-color vinyl sticker we made for them is a hit in roller-rinks across Arkansas. The Rockin Renegades raise money for charity and are revitalizing the female roller derby scene in Arkansas.

    When Visualize Wind came to us for stickers we were very excited. The black and white oval we made for them is striking yet simple. Visualize wind uses video and special effects to help communities see what a wind farm will look like before it is built. And in case you didn’t know StickerGiant is the first 100% wind powered sticker company in North America, getting your stickers from us helps reduce our collective carbon footprint.

    When the Nature Conservancy of Long Island came to us print clear window decals for its Long Island Interagency Fire Crew we took their illustration and transformed it into an incredible 3-color clear window decal. This volunteer driven crew assists property owners and local agencies with prescribed fire operations on Long Island . If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that makes a difference, check with your local Nature Conservancy?

    I'm Katie Brevard, thanks for watching and don't forget to tell a friend about stickergiant.