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    Forerunners Healthcare providing obesity surgery in India.


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    Jimmy Carris

    by Jimmy Carris

    Forerunners Healthcare a pioneer in providing cost effective weight loss surgery is providing providing affordable cost obesity surgery in India at recoginised obesity surgery hospitals of Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Abroad obese patients have appreciated the avon medical care and surgical skills of Indian obesity surgeons during their obesity surgery in India. Obesity surgery in India offers wide options for speedy weight loss with safe and medically invasive outpatient procedures like gastric bypass surgery, revision gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy and deuodonal switch surgery. Each obesity surgery procedure is chosen by the patient after ascertaining the maxium number of benefits and minimum chances of risks and complications in it. Obesity surgery can be divided into three types: restrictive, malabsorptive, and combined restrictive/malabsorptive. Well built and surgically equipped obesity surgery hospitals and abroad trained obesity surgeons at Mumbai, Goa and Bangalore are providing standard quality health recovery and speedy weight loss with cheap price obesity surgery in India. Obesity surgery in India when combined with medical tourism becomes more spicy making you tour the most exotic and pleasant Indian destinations thus converting your medical trip to India into a memorable holiday vacation. To get more details of obesity surgery in India visit or mail at