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    EMF Woman

    by EMF Woman

    We are conducting research and development in the field of materials science, and discovering ways to use novel molecular oscillators to generate higher degrees of clarification and conversion. In the years ahead, this will allow us to gain a higher quality of refined subtle energy effects. This will allow us to have more precision and power with respect to target system matching and performance gains.
    Using these basic principles, we match a specific sympathetic resonator to the desired energy or performance state of the target system. We take our core SRTechnology and adjust it for the specific requirements of each system. In this way, we make our resonant technology "sympathetic" with the specific subtle energy requirements or constitution of that system.
    A CD is not a human. A CD is different from a human in terms of class, kind and also in terms of subtle energies. That is why we make a specific type of resonator that is sympathetic to a CD's functioning, and another one that is sympathetic to a human being's functioning. The key is to identify the specifics of each type of system, then engineer a specific sympathetic resonator to match its unique characteristics and desired parameters for functioning.
    Once a sympathetic resonator is activated, it stimulates or catalyzes condensed flows of clarified subtle energies into the local space in which the target system is located. Our resonator energetically couples with the target system, and both systems energetically reinforce each other in an additive positive feedback process. This occurs when two resonant systems are tuned to each other.