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    Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle - 60 Minute Ironman Match Part 3


    by superbatista619

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    madman...Research shows that Ironman matches generally lose the crowds interest throughout the match because it's so long.

    Thats why they don't have Ironman matches all that often PPV or not.

    The Crowd only gets into it in the beginning and in the end.
    By tank_dogg067 years ago
    berni brown
    here come to pain
    By berni brown7 years ago
    K-Boy Mitchai
    uns des meilleur matchs de smackdown !!!!
    By K-Boy Mitchai7 years ago
    Dilbag Jhuty
    i conisdern this the best match in smackdown hisotry becuase this was a ppv matrial main event and the only 60 minute ironman match tht was telviosn and not ppv.alot of good matchs r on ppv and now in main evnet of smackdown isnt more then 15 minutes
    By Dilbag Jhuty8 years ago