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    what is qlink symathetic resonator technology?

    EMF Woman

    by EMF Woman

    A sympathetic resonator creates a coupling circuit between subtle energies and classical electromagnetic energies. This coupling circuit does 3 important things.
    1. It converts raw subtle energies into clarified, highly-delineated and highly-concentrated subtle energies. In the sense used here, "raw" is equivalent to raw materials that are converted from a relatively chaotic state into a more ordered, more refined state. After conversion, the subtle energies are, in effect, postulated to be more intensified and condensed.
    2. It conducts these converted subtle energies into an environmental space. The size of the space can range from a 3 foot spherical radius to a 50 foot spherical radius. When the converted subtle energies are conducted into an environment, they act more directly than diffused or raw subtle energies on the systems they both comprise and influence.
    3. This conversion and conduction actively effects the performance of phenomena in the influenced space - especially phenomena which employs electromagnetic fields.

    Clarus makes 2 types of sympathetic resonators. Each type is composed of hardware which is treated and imprinted by a master manufacturing device that conducts super-refined subtle energies.
    One type is the sympathetic resonator used in the QLink Pendant. It is engineered using 3 components: a resonating cell, the Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT-3) and an amplifying coil.

    The main component, the resonating cell containing a proprietary formula of pure crystalline elements, works as an oscillator that converts and conducts subtle energy into more coherent energy states. The SRT-3 tunes the cell's vibrations for the wearer's Biofield . The amplifying coil shapes and strengthens the size of the energy field that is conducted.It extends the power of the sympathetic resonance into a 3-dimensional field.