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    Undecided - Dennerlein Klein 1990

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Undecided – Klein, Dennerlein Antolini 1990
    Oscar Klein, the Austrian born trumpetplayer celebrated his 60th birthday in1990 with a concert in Germany. Among his guests were some incredible musicians. On hammond organ he presented 26 year old Munchen born Barbara Dennerlein who has become the most prominent player in her style with probable the fasted bass foot work in the business and Charly Antolini, one of Europe’s very best drummers.
    Sorry to say that the very talented Oscar is no longer with us. He past on in December 2006. I heard about Oscar first when he became in 1960 the cornetirst of our Dutch Swing College Band. I had not seen of heard of him until in 1984 when I played in a session in Fritzel’s Jazzz Pub in New Orleans. A little fellow stood next to me and played a fantastic horn. I complimented him on his playing, His reply was, “Thank you, but I am Oscar Klein.”
    Say no more, Oscar also played some great guitar, clarinet, and mouth organ.
    Barbara is another story. Find that on