Women in art and film -amazing morphing-Philip Scott Johnson

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Joseph King
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http://www.myvzine.com (Concepts) http://www.myvzine.info (Site building & SEO) http://www.wix.com/digitalblue2u/Myvzinecom - (Flash art video site). Amazing morphing artwork by Philip Scott Johnson - mixed with the wonderful song "Safe" by George Micheal on the "Spinning the wheels" EP. You must buy the album. Please note:- this video is demo only permission has been applied for the soundtrack from Virgin records.

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Great! Zek
Από IZEK (ISAAC) ADAMSKI 6 χρονια πριν
Philip Scott Johnson is a master in the craft of morphing and the soundtrack "Safe" by George Micheal flows with it. (permission applied for).
Από Joseph King 6 χρονια πριν