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    Lines we cross


    by els666

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    you dont need to draw the line. if it is who you are - more power to you. dont help people for a thankyou, because if it is who you are, and you will see lots of things in a better light. you wont worry about what other people think. if you can let go of your fear, you grow as a person - and more power to you. the world has too many small minded people you can choose to be the different
    By brad7 years ago
    All you have said is true, but going to the childs aid is not the problem, it's the parent attitude toward you, when you reunite them ie (what you doing) I do and have stood up for an elderly,or pregnant woman, and often got a thanks, or just a smile, again it's a matter of attitude of the elders. Regarding toy's the parent must bring the child into line, using the toy as a gift if good manners are used, on a regualar basis. We do seem to have the wrong attitude towards someone giving aid, or admiring your child, in europe particulely the french think were mad. But the question was where do you draw the line; when it's your turn for someone to raise themselves from their seat and say would you like to sit, or comfort your child when lost, and found, you say thank you your so kind, nice an loud for all to hear, and change a few people's attitude. Gosh I hope that all makes sense, I'm not dictating to you just typing my comments, and thoughts. Good Question though.
    By 2pounds507 years ago
    i think you are really great good fun to watch keep going great stuff tom
    By tom8 years ago
    You know, you put alot of things i'v been thinking about life etc into a listenable format.
    By national_chaos8 years ago