We Govern We - bULLY (Official Music Video)

Yannis Zafeiriou
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we govern we have been writing music together since Christmas '07 and already this is their second music video. It stars a handful of their friends from Athens, London & LA(rissa). As with dead pretty, there was a budget as low as no budget and was greatly helped by the charms of the director and the willingness of the charmed to be directed. We Govern We are eternally grateful to everyone involved, especially YOU as you pass this along...

we govern we are: panos scourtis, anna karakalou/the abc monster, and you.

bULLY was made with:

2 band members
61 volunteer performers
(26 women, 33 men & 2 babies - though the babies were bribed...)
20 hours of filming over two days
100+ hours of post-production
No animals were hurt in the making of this video (admittedly though, Sushi was a bit traumatized with the amount of people in the house...)

Music, lyrics & performance by we govern we
There is also a children's book based on the song in the works! Keep an eye out!!

Director: Yannis Zafeiriou
Art Director: Katerina Vlastari
Post-Production: RED STUDIOS
HD Camera by: Thanos Tsamis/Hellas Cinema
Lights by: Dimitra Arvaniti


zoobidoobi, kappa MYSTA, kos markatos, Lambathagoogly, Jordan bonyo, abe sexson, Skraf, Tzoni Tzo-Tzo, Ox, Evgen, Ian Joliet, Stel, Spyros and Nestor Tourloukis, Burt Lianos, JD, Pete Dimou, Greg Kartsos, Sushipizza, Ghassan, Fuduki, Dirty Harry, Panoukla, Eyejacker, Panouli, Skourtis, Neil Smith, Vassilakis, George, anapiros, neo, gateley, Akis Boyatzis, Polly Pocket, Theoula Karakalou, Shones, Maria Kassimis, Chryssoula, Beeyo, V, Elina, Margaret, Stefanie, Kell, Edna, Chris Purple, Athinea, Julie Anna Basil, Joanna Cave, Renee, dimitra Kalogeropoulou, Ioanna Avloniti, Sophia Ioannou, Anna Kosmoglou, Renee Koutras, Hari Gomarakis, Andromache Boyatzis, AND introducing Pupuki on his first day out...

If you're not in the credits, PLEASE let us know who you are!! We are curious!! ;)

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Sympa :-) .... ,........
Από sweetygirl44 3 χρονια πριν
came accross this by accident and i love it btw check out my pics!! :-)
Από angelbaby11 3 χρονια πριν