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    B&B August 2nd 2004


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    Adam Soap Fan

    by Adam Soap Fan

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    People are everywhere preparing for the next day's festivities. Thorne is talking with Oscar about the energy they hope will be part of the excitement of the show. On the other side of the room, Caitlin is speaking with Rick. He is telling her that tomorrow she will no longer be just a young budding design intern. Ridge approaches her and says she will be a young hot design diva. They discuss the fact that Thomas will be escorting her down the runway to tie in the Forrester family with the designs.

    Over at Spectra, Sally and her company are rejoicing. They think they have a big hit on their hands. Sally says she owes it to Darla. Clarke suggests that maybe even Thorne had something to do with it. They only know that they are ready to swoop down on the competition. Spectra figures they will beat Forrester down the runway.

    While Caitlin is preparing to head for home, she says good-bye to Rick. He tells her they can't take any chances so the best he can offer her for now is this, and he kisses her. At home, Caitlin is telling Samantha about her day. She can't believe that she even came home in a limo. The doorbell rings and it is Thomas. He has come to wish her luck and to give her a gift. She opens it and finds a bracelet inside.

    Darla gets a call from Sally as she is standing with Thorne. Sally is thanking Darla once again for her "birthday present." Darla and Thorne cannot believe the fuss that Sally has made over the "photos" of the birthday party.

    In her office Sally is talking with Clarke. She tells Clarke that the fallout could be shocking. Sally says that when the Forresters find out, tomorrow, that the marriage between Darla and Thorne could blow sky high.