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    Blues in Bb - Black Bottom JB 2007

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Blues in Bb – Black Bottom Jazz Band 2007
    In the opening tune of the evening concert of the reunion day of our former highschool band we decided to play a simple blues in Bb. Totally unprepared and unexpected, my first jazz collegue Eduard Rahusen, who during our school days had proven to be a good jazz singer, decided to perform a vocal version. The feeling of these old days came back and certainly set the atmosphere for the remainder of the night. This is probably the last tune of this concert we’ll be able to post on youtube and dailymotion. Most of it you’ll find being posted previously. If you look for the playlist of the Black Bottom Jazz Band you’ll be able to find the full story how we got together again after an absence of some 55 years.
    The reunists are Bob Erwig, cornet and Arent Nieuwkamp, clarinet, both from Canada, Rob Herwig, piano from France and Eduard Rahusen, trombone and Wim de Vries, bass from the Netherlands. Our other original member, banjoist Jack Vincken, from Canada could not make it and was replaced by the very capable Ari van Mensvoort.