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    The TICK Rail Mount for Pistols

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    Ingenious! TRG developed the world's simplest-to-attach add-on rail mount for combat auto pistols. The no-tools-required design is fast to install and remove and does not require any alteration of the weapon. Unit Armorers will appreicate this mount. The patented TICK was designed for the Beretta-FS (US Military M9) models, and now is available in versions for the Colt 1911, SIG 226 used by the Navy SEALS and SIG 220. It will accept most Tac-Lights and Lasers that mount to a Picatinny or Weaver styled rail mount, like Insight, Streamlight M, XM, and TLR-series. When mounted to the weapon, the whole unit fits snugly into the standard holster for normal operations.