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    Review of Tony Horton's P90X Fitness Program - Day 8


    by FatLossBlogger

    354 views - Today was day 8 of my P90X review and I had chest, back and abs again today.

    After taking yesterday off to rest, I was definitely ready to get back in the swing of things. The chest and back workout went incredibly well, I really pushed myself as hard as I could and got a great workout. After the first 5 minutes of Ab Ripper X however, I started to feel nauseous and I got sick again. I decided not to finish the ab routine after getting sick, and just had a protein shake and some fruit juice and rested.

    I'm feeling better now and am looking forward to tomorrow's workout. Even though I got sick again towards the end of the program today, I definitely felt a lot better through the chest and back routine than I did during week one and was really able to push myself hard.

    That's all for today, stay tuned...