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Today 4 July 2008 I have also visited first time at Soliday sida (Aids) near the Port Maillate Metro line 1 in Paris. There are many many people all around the world will come to see and participate in this Festival of 4 July to 6 July 2008 (3 days )

I will see the different different kind of music arkesta and also from my lovely India Social Activities Integration website address is

See more photos to click to 4 July 2008

With best regards to SAMU SOCIAL PARIS ,TEL. 115 and all
Ille de France

Thanks to all

Dharamvir Nagpal
Chief News Reporter/Editor United Kingdom France Germany
Rajpura Press Club Regi. Rajpura Punjab India
Par Dharamvir Nagpal Il y a 7 ans
Bravo pour la vidéo !!! Que des bons souvenirs... Et pressé d'y retourner !!!!
Par Sellem Il y a 7 ans
hate d'y etre!!!!
Par francois Il y a 7 ans