One Night Stand 2008 Batista def. Shawn Michaels part 1

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por Ruben

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Stretcher Match

22 comentarios

pauvre HBK :(
Por j3ff_hardy hace 6 años
dommage pour hbk :s
Por j3ff_hardy hace 6 años
the aniiimal !!!!
Por mrbatistabomb hace 6 años
I dont know what it is about this match but i just get the feeling that these two could have done so much more with the match stipulation. Its got its moments theres no doubt about that, but there's just something missing. Maybe its just because a 'Stretcher Match' isn't exactly the greatest gimmick match in professional wrestling
Por hbk_4_life1 hace 6 años
BaTisTa BomB
Por benj80330 hace 6 años
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