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    Manners & Etiquette Film: Johnny Learns His Manners (1946)

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    In Johnny Learns his Manners a sloppy, untidy young boy is shown the error of his ways by his Good Self, an angel who warns him that if he doesn't shape up, he'll be turned into a pig! Johnny, the animated star of the film, won’t clean up his room, argues, and is completely uncooperative with his parents and others. Dramatized through an artist’s drawing board, Johnny deals with conflicting ideals of good and bad manners by being turned into a pig until he learns a lesson and decides to change his unmannerly ways. In changing, Johnny will learn how to keep your room clean, and overcome bad manners etiquette. Johnny Learns his Manners is a nifty relic familial culture in the 1940's, as well as an accessible example of valuable and timeless important life lessons. Teaching teens good manners has never been easy.