January 2001, Bush Sought to "Find A Way" to Invade Iraq

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This is the full CBS 60 Minutes 2004 interview of Former Secretary Of Treasury Paul O'Neil and reporter Ron Suskind that discusses Bush asking his National Security Council to "find a way" to invade Iraq during their first meeting in January 2001. Almost 9 months before the September 11th attacks. This seems to have been forgotten by the mainstream media, and the Congress.


i love this video. anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ??
By Fahima102 3 years ago
Do we need a book to remember what Bush was repeatedly saying during his election campaign in 1999? Does the media in the US so senile and stupid not to be able to go back and just make a report on the speeches of current president and tell the truth about his intentions?

come on, this is good that it comes out now, but 60 minutes should be ashamed of themselves not being about to add 2+2 together 6 years ago, if they had done it, 100s of thousands of innocent Iraqis and more than 4400 Americans would have been alive now.
By Farhada 6 years ago