Lil Wayne - Let The Beat Build (Prod By Kanye West) [NEW SON


par PeteRock

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Why are you wasting your talent on dailymotion? . btw check out my pics!! ;))
Par lovelygirl19Il y a 5 ans
trop frais ce son!!! Dwayne just tp fort. Respect
Par badboy93Il y a 7 ans
Now I wouldnt be so quick to mention him in the same sentence as my man Jay Z because for one Jay Z is, and always will be in a class by himself. I mean anyone who has never put pen to pad and always goes off top should be in a category by themselves. Jay is a lyrical genius Wayne is NOT. Ask any DJ, beat-maker, producer, etc. and you will get the same answer or they will fumble around with the answer. Point blank: Wayne is replaceable, but who gonna step up and be worthy 2 take the throne from Jay? So I guess Nas had it right.....Hip Hop is dead.
Par slim404Il y a 7 ans
Sry but all u 'Wayne Haterz' cant even deny that this is one of the sickest beats that Young Money could ever bless the mic wit.**Shouts out to Kanye West for doing his thing.** Plus who u know that can verbally assassinate (or as he puts it) ["I eat"] the beat using every verb, syllable, possible while painting a perfect lyrical portrait?
Par slim404Il y a 7 ans