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    Embraceable You - Bireli Lagrene 2002

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

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    Embraceable You – Bireli Lagrene 2002

    The Bireli Lagrene Quartet performs at a jazzfestival in Vienne France in 2002. Next to lead guitarist Bireli we see and hear Hono Winterstein and Thomas Dutronc on rhythm guitars with bassist Diego Imbert and Romenian violinist Florin Niculesco. Of course my opinion is just subjective, but at least I can say, that I have some experience in listening and appreciating all kinds of jazz.
    To me this Bireli genius beats every guitarist in today's jazz world. Of course he has been influenced by many of the famous traditional jazz stars, but what has resulted gets to me stronger than all of his previous teachers could do.
    I have LP's of Bireli when he was just a kid in the eighties, but now he is the absolute master!