William Shatner sings Pulp "Common People"


par Fabrice

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William Shatner interprete Pulp avec Common People lors du Tonight Show NBC de Jay Leno.
Avec la participation de Joe Jackson et de Ben Folds Five.
L'original de Pulp ici : http://www.dailymotion.com/user/fab2609/video/x9sflj_pulp-common-people_music

5 commentaires

I have never commented on DM until now.
I just wanted to thank you for this post. I haven't seen this version since it originally aired. It was my introduction to the song and it's Shatnerification.
To say it knocked my dick in the dirt is an understatement. As soon as I saw Shatner was going to "sing", visions of Rocket Man swarmed through my head.
But this is real rock and roll. This will stand as a singular achievement.
Just look at all the YouTube adaptations of this version of the song.
An amazing cultural artifact. It'll be used to great effect in some future documentary of these times.
Par Vidyoyo L'année dernière
This is, by an unassailable margin, the worst cover version in the history of the universe.

Britney Spears - Satisfaction.
Alexandra Burke - Hallelujah.
McFly - Born to Run.
Take That - Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Not in the same league.
Par tjones0605 Il y a 3 ans
A very amusing version of Pulp's 'Common People' rendered here by Messrs Shatner and Jackson! And what a good idea! Dividing the song between Messrs Shatner & Jackson with Mr Shatner doing the rhyming or more assonant sprechgesang and Mr Jackson doing the actural singing, and letting them overlap on occasion. Clever--and very effective.
Par lecherous54 Il y a 5 ans
this is hilarious!
Par paty2009 Il y a 6 ans
William Shatner genial,et tres bien épaulé par Joe Jackson...
Par Sandrine Stéphane Il y a 6 ans