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    The Leadership Management Process

    David A. Bailey, Jr

    por David A. Bailey, Jr

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    The Leadership Management Process - We can call leadership management as a process of leading, an act of leading by one or more entities. Leadership can also be defined as ability or the capacity to change human behavior that can achieve a target assigned by leader. You can refer leadership as an extraordinary quality a man or a woman may posses. A person having leadership qualities may give direction or guidance to some other person. This is called “actual” exercise of leadership. Emperors of very few countries have been able to give satisfactory leadership. The leadership management process can have informal and formal aspects. Formal aspect can be seen in most business and political leadership while informal aspect can be seen in most friendships. Leadership, which is an abstract term usually, means entities that do the job of leading posses some leadership skills. Leadership qualities have the ability to inspire and influence many associates. The leadership management process can be developed through a process of training, self-study, education and experience. The Leadership Management Process -