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    Faster Image Hosting


    by Godismyrock

    The link for ImageBot is: /addon/1174 Just download it and watch the rest of the video for your picture help!

    Ok, this is just a quick tutorial on saveing you some time when hosting images. When most people host images they go to a hosting website, such as: PhotoBucket, MyPhotoLodge, Flickr, and lots more . Sometimes this is not free and it takes a long time just to upload one image so you can link to it. This really got on my nerves so I started uploading to my own servers because that is pretty much the fastest way to upload anything. After a while I had a bunch of clutter on my server and so I looked for another alternative. I eventually came across a Fire-Fox add-on called ImageBot. As Geico would say, "It's so easy even a caveman can do it!". This pretty much is the case with ImageBot.