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    An Infidel Warning: ISLAMIFICATION


    by Civilization_Wins

    Islam is NOT a religion, it is a political ideology of conquest, war and violent repression which uses systematic persecution, racism, lies, fear, terror and cruelty to make people submit and live under perpetual slavery. To know Islam... look at Islam. It's savagery, death, violence, ignorance, racism, genocide, lies, barbarity, cruelty, poverty, stupidity, ugliness, slavery... Islam is evil. Islam is the enemy. Submit to Satan's religion or fight it, make it illegal and destroy Lucifer's ambassadors everywhere you find them. America the Great Satan? Fuck that! Islam is Satan! Just LOOK at it and stop buying the bullshit terrorist and communist propaganda, we are at war because they DECLARED war on the WEST!

    Bring it on and join us in our battle against Islam, you are not alone. Leftist governments in the West are traitors and collaborators to the invaders, they will pay just as dearly as our Muslim enemy.