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    Dytec - Dynamic Technlogies

    Carsten Cumbrowski

    by Carsten Cumbrowski

    This is a remix of most Dytec Logos (ASCII, C64, Amiga and PC), PC and Amiga Cracktros and 10 of 26 Commodore 64 cracktros.

    It also includes the animation (the dancing Lemmings) that was planned to be used for an Amiga 500 demo that was never finished. It was planned to be used for a PC production, but that was not finished either :). So here it is... finished this time hehe.

    Dytec was founded 1989 by Fatman in East Berlin, before Germany was re-unified and active on the C64, Commodore Amiga and IBM PC for well over one decade.

    I was together with Fatman the leader of Dytec PC in 1995-96 and merged the group with Vortex and EOD (Empire of Darkness) together with Menion Leah/Vortex in 1996 to form the new super release group Dynasty.

    Credits for this Video
    Music by Pitty of Dytec
    Editing, Some of the Logo designs, concept and script by Roy/SAC and Dytec PC

    Carsten aka Roy/SAC