Ark Royal traps

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#hii This is just great ;)
By libby05u 4 years ago
well done
By bobjet6107 6 years ago
Great fottage. Many memories. Thanks
By danork3353 6 years ago
Thank you for answering my question. I had a feeling it would be something like that! ;-) Evertime I watch one of these planes coming in for a landing, I hold my breath. I really admire the courage and commitment of the pilots and crew.
By Janet W 6 years ago
When I was in the French Navy in 87-90, we had a same problems with some youngs pilots within the F8 Crusader on carriers "Clemenceau" and "Foch" because these flight deck was too short! And sometimes, we had to must launch any one "Super-Etendard" within fueltanks and boom equiped for some refueling help to them,after a few bolters!
By landing-gear 6 years ago
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