PS2 Commercial - Dreaming Dog

William Gameese

par William Gameese

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2 commentaires

This is not a David Lynch commercial. It is true that Lynch did a commercial for the PS2: The Third Place. Sony commissioned 6 different directors to create the campaign commercials for the release of the PS2. The ONLY commercial Lynch made starts with a man in a black suit begining to walk down a black hallway and a blast of fire fills the screen. He eventually gives the thumbs up to his doppelganger and has a seat on a couch with a mummy and a talking duck. These are only a few things that happen in the commercial. Also you can hear Lynch talking through a loud speaker throughout the entire commercial. "What. What not etc...."
Par jmo98 Il y a 6 ans
Didnt know he did commercials...ss
Par Ssue Marvin Il y a 7 ans