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7 commentaires

Wow - this woman is clearly deeply disturbed. Using freakin' Hamas as her role model for how to indoctrinate children? This is basically child abuse.
Par thelobsterboy_77 il y a 5 ans
I wonder how many evangelicals know about cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) or Redshift. If they did, perhaps, they could still believe in their god, but accept the interpretations of divinity of others.
Par Zachiry Watkens il y a 5 ans
well I agree with most of what she said, but the whole we are going to speak in tongues right know thing thats not cool that bible says you will speak as the spirit gives utterence. as far as bush he is not a christian. you must believe it as a whole not to pick and choose what you feel is right.
the bible says your feelings will lead you to distruction.
Par warfarefachrist il y a 5 ans
well the first 20 minutes down and this fat broad already has me wanting to slaughter a group of orphans. Seriously, they're forcing their religion on other people and literally brainwashing these children into their own way of thinking. These people are totally messed. And that video about us coming from goo? SCIENCE HAS PROVEN THAT WE EVOLVED!!!! GOD SMITE THESE PEOPLE FOR THEIR SINS!!! THEY PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE OUT OF YOUR HOLY BOOK!!!!

btw, I'm not religious but I still believe there may be a god because science can't prove everything. But they definitely proved evolution and the big bang... that guys a retard...
Par Rhyel_Havan il y a 5 ans
that makes me sick!!!pauvre enfants
Par wonderfullll il y a 6 ans
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