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    Janadesh 2007


    par nevagotthilf

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    Janadesh 2007, the People’s Verdict 2007, is a campaign on “Retrieving People’s Dignity through Land and Livelihood” in India and it aims to have people take up non-violent struggle and civil disobedience in their communities at the local, national and international levels throughout the world in the future.
    Ekta Parishad
    Gandhian organisation

    Janadesh 2007 is a combative movement in motion. It combines political claim with physical move. The actors of this movement, whatever their function or place may be, bear a faith, a spiritual strength which animate them and lead them to change society. It is this essential core which we explore and give rise to in our artistic performance.
    Neva & Jacky Gotthilf
    Artists in visual arts