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    Everyday Courtesy & Etiquette: How To Write Invitations

    Everyday Courtesy is a vintage instructional film depicts an antiquated version of simple American life. Young little Billy has made several drawing that are going to be displayed at his school. His mother trip to his school to view his drawings, which demonstrate different ways of being courteous, having good manners, and being thoughtful to others. Billy has drawn many pictures for the display, all showing scenes of everyday situations where courtesy and social etiquette is needed, such as when making out invitations, making telephone calls, entertaining guests, and making introductions. Being nice is important to Billy. When Billy’s teacher comes over to see them, Billy tries out his new skills by introducing his teacher and his mother, demonstrating remarkable good child behavior. In a classically old fashioned conclusion, Billy learns that being courteous and being nice to everyone will ensure that others will always like and want to be around him. What a beautiful and important life lesson!