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    VideoBodySuit Scratchzentation

    Viktor Furiani

    par Viktor Furiani

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    VideoBodySuit Ambulatory Video Performance #1
    15 may 2008, Lyon

    ->> Sound by Liquid Shakti (mix beetween Balkan break voice & Distooeast)
    ->> Captation by Nataraj
    ->> Vizual Live pictures by Nataraj & Viktor Furiani
    ->> Video Body Suit and performing by Viktor Furiani

    Made with cheap or recycled material.

    This is a first (and heavy) version of the Video BodySuit. In the future, I will improve the question of the weight and precision of the mecanical arm (with robotic système, why not ;-)

    This bodysuit has an autonomy of 45 minutes. It inclued a laptop with Resolume and a Midi controler for mixing video.

    2 news bodysuits are in preparation, for sound ; and for smog and light.

    And so, this Bodysuit is a part of the Silicium Vitae Project.

    -:> Silicium Vitae <:-

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    Living Artistic Technology
    Technological Living Art
    Artistic Technological Life

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