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    June 15 eagle watching


    by Glo

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    Yep I really do think it was Spunky which is why I drew attention to it. I think he has learned to protect his food when he gets some!!! Good for him. Of course I could be wrong, but I honestly think this was Spunky from the stills we all took in the same time frame.
    By Glo10 years ago
    Hi, Glo & momsters,
    Great video...although are you sure these are eaglets? Look more like the Pentagon's videos of "smart bombs" scoring hits on the nest and on Ole Dad...In the shot of Spunky landing, another eaglet was actually blown off the nest to the right side!!

    I bet Ole Dad is thinking "Wow, this really makes it all worth while!"

    I definitely see the mantlng behavior you talked about, but I couldn't tell which of the male eaglets it was...I have never seen Spunky acting that aggressively before. Do you think he's really changed that much? If so things are looking up for him making it to adulthood.

    Again, great clips.

    By movingangroovin10 years ago