The Rock + Mick Foley segment

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by Yuugi

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This is one of the many reasons why The Rock was my favorite attitude era superstar!

The date is September 11, 2000. Oh how that date haunts me. Anyway, Mick Foley the commissioner wants the person who ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin the year before to come forward and confess their wrong doing. The Rock's music hits. Everyone is in shock, especially Mick Foley. He proceeded to call Rocky some unflattering names until he's interrupted by a "talk-to-the-hand" gesture. The Rock says that he didn't run over Steve Austin but he came out because he wanted his revenge on the Big Red Machine, Kane!

This is probably the cutest that I've ever seen The Rock. And he is most definitely rockin those shades XD (pardon the pun lol)


when he talkd about he should've com back as commisioner cactus jack

i would've loved to of seen him com back as commisioner dude love
By ADAM5975 5 years ago
The Rock...chubby??? Have u seen him?!! He's anything but! Especially in this segment and in the year 2000 in general...he was a beast! A sexy one at that.
By Yuugi 6 years ago
he's chubby toooo :-* :-) :) :)...
By Akshya 6 years ago
hahahaha.. same here!! i'm watchin his wrestling videos and promos everyday.. even if i'd seen em already!! he's so adorable!! :). can't resist watchin him in wwe.. :-) :=)
By Akshya 6 years ago
Me too! I had the biggest crush on him rofl. Still do xD
By Yuugi 6 years ago
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