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    The Best Phone Ever? Video Phone Revealed!


    by VideoPhoneTV


    The Video Phone is the next must-have gadget. Whether you call it an IP phone, digital phone, or voip phone, it is the new way to communicate
    and will soon replace the home phone.

    Videophones let you see the person you are talking to, as opposed to just hearing their voice.

    All you need is access to a broadband internet connection, or high-speed internet - DSL or Cable internet

    What is the difference between a home phone and videophone?

    Video phones make calls using an internet connection (digital) while home phones make calls using traditional phone lines (analog).

    Video phones are based on VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol).This technology lets voice (audio) to be transmitted over an internet connection.

    Video phones go a step further to transmit video over the internet giving a new name to VoIP (Video over Internet Protocol)

    What are the benefits of video phones?

    Let you see family, friends and loved ones.
    Offer unlimited local and long distance calling.
    Offer cheap international rates and plans.
    Let you save money on monthly phone bills.
    Cheaper than cell phone and home phones.
    Sync with your desktop, laptop, pc or mac
    Connect it to your TV to view the call big screen
    Use for business meetings via video conferencing

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