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    Countdown to Nil - Mud Disaster at Porong Sidoarjo Indonesia

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    Mud Lapindo tragedy is the biggest ecological disaster has ever happened in Indonesia. Since the first time the mud is blasted on 28 May 2006, till today there are no real efforts to discontinue the blast. The number of people must be evacuated to Pasar Baru Porong reached up to 14.768 peoples. Though some of them have got compensation from Lapindo, their lives have come too far unintentionally and they have lost most of their lives, including their jobs, shelters, properties and materials, and togetherness.

    Lots of evacuee experiencing physical problems. 49.639 of them are outpatients while 1.130 people must be taken care in several health centers or hospitals. Monomaniacs also found as the result of distress while living in the evacuation. 33 school buildings including public and private schools are covered by mud and affected to children’s learning activity.

    The loss of this tragedy reached up to Rp 33 trillion, while the number of environment and social loss effects is innumerable. The number is increasing as the mud kept running – until when? Who knows? One thing for sure, Porong’s community whom their houses are covered by mud, will never return to their homes.

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