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    "Begin the Beguine" ROMANO MUSSOLINI TRIO

    Michael Supnick

    per Michael Supnick

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    "Begin the Beguine"
    Romano Mussolini (piano)
    Carlo Loffredo (bass)
    Gil Cuppini (drums).
    San Marino September 12, 1993

    "Begin the Beguine" is a song written by Cole Porter and introduced by June Knight in the Broadway musical Jubilee (1935). Based on the title dance, it is notable for its 108-measure length, departing drastically from the conventional thirty-two-bar form. Alec Wilder described it in his book American Popular Song: The Great Innovators 1900-1950 as "a maverick, an unprecedented experiment and one which, to this day, after hearing it hundreds of times, I cannot sing or whistle or play from start to finish without the printed music." It was popularized and made famous by a best-selling record in 1938 (recorded July 24, issued by Bluebird Records as catalog number B-7746 and later by RCA Victor Records as catalog number 20-1551) by Artie Shaw and His Orchestra.

    A beguine is a spirited ballroom dance. Since "begin" and "beguine" are often pronounced the same by some people, it is common to see the song's title misspelled as "Begin the Begin", as when used by R.E.M. as the title to a track on Lifes Rich Pageant.