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    The Rosebud Steakhouse


    by grubbersdelight

    171 views The Rosebud Steakhouse is truly a uniquely Chicago restraint as this is definitely the place to find the best tasting burger in town, but, to get that burger, you’re going to have to get over the fact that you’re ordering a hamburger from a tuxedoed captain. Once you get over the absurdity, you’ll realize you are in burger heaven, and what’s especially nice is that all patrons, whether ordering a 30 dollar steak or a 9.00 burger, are treated the same. The service is impeccable. The burger’s themselves are huge, at 12 ounces a piece, and are cooked right to order and stuffed inside a soft, delicious, pretzel bun. Whether with cheese, or without, with tomatoes or without, this juicy burger will satisfy you, guaranteed.