Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat, WCW Title, 4-24-1994


by bjknight


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James Bradley
Technically, Flair never officially lost the WCW Title during this feud, their match a month earlier at the Spring Stampede Pay Per View ended in a draw (each man pinning the other) - In the storyline portrayed on TV, Flair gave the title to Commisioner Nick Bockwinkle to hold on to until he defeated Steamboat definatively in the ring, which is what this match was. WCW continued to refer to Flair as an 11 Time Champion following this match (same as they did leading into the fued) making it clear they nevr broke his championship lineage here. Officially no title change is recognized currently by Pro Wrestling Illustrated or WWE.
By James Bradley3 years ago