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    Chevrolet Fire Fighting Equipment History Film: Just A ...

    This is a Chevrolet promotional video disguised as a forest fire prevention film, a popular promotional technique at the time. Good old Pierre is coming back from fishing with a friend when his friend throws a cigarette butt in a pile of leaves, carelessly. Anything can be a fire hazard. The butt starts a fire and this fire burns big and spreads all over. Rangers see the smoke and report it in to headquarters before hopping into their Chevrolet automobiles and heading out to fight the fire and prevent fire damage and burn injuries! Headquarters sends out 100 firefighters - that's a lot of Chevys! The fire spreads quickly. Pierre must reach his bedridden wife before their house goes up in flames! Containing all the characteristics of a melodrama, Just a Spark is a touchstone promotional video that decries the evils and consequences of carelessness (what causes forest fires) while espousing the benefits of Chevrolet.