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    Ai7 Season's Finale Part10


    by igrecman

    8 295 views


    Here it is, 5 months later, and I am still enjoying watching all the episodes! Thank you so much for making it possible to relive the season, there really were a lot of talented kids this year, I hope all of them find the success they want. I am so glad David Cook won, he is an amazing singer and performer. Wishing him and his new band the best of luck on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night, whoo hoo way to score, David!
    By sylvanaire7 years ago
    Thanks Igrecman! But I gotta say, David A tried harder during the finale, oh well. I'm glad he did Crush, it's such a big hit!
    By daisyhero098 years ago
    thank you for uploading. appreciate it very much.
    By wallykget8 years ago
    Even though my personal favourite was voted off weeks ago I really liked watching this season.

    So, Igrecman, thank you so much for uploading!!!
    By Gifford1258 years ago
    by the way, I really want to thank igrecman for uploading the whole season. Thank you for always have for us all the details of every chapter of the season. I only create a count for making you know how much i apreciatte your work
    By leinad_sj8 years ago
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