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    Cruise Ship Travel Tip #14 - Soft Drinks


    by travelwishtv

    91 views Soft Drinks - Coffee, tea and water are always free but soft drinks have to be purchased from the bar or waitstaff. If you have children with you and extra room in your luggage you can bring a case of soft drinks. The ice in your room is free. The cruise line, of course, would rather you buy your sodas from them does not have rules against bringing your own from home or bringing them on the ship from the many port-of-calls. Perhaps a better idea is that some of the cruise ships allow you to purchase a soft drink card for about thirty bucks and with that card your child can purchase all they can drink. Something new in cruising are adult cards for unlimited soft drinks or an additional card for a limited number of non-alcoholic mixed drinks. This has been Lisel Hlista for with yet another travel tip. Thanks for watching.