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    Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #1


    by shazap

    354 views This issue runs parallel with the first issue of secret invasion and explains what happened when Sue Storm blew up the Baxter Building. It starts off with a prologue that explains how the invisible woman was captured by a skrull posing as her husband. As this is going on the “he loves you” attack we witnessed in secret invasion #1 is being carried out by another skrull. It’s really quite geneouse knowing that it would attract too much attention and come with too much risk to try and kill the fantastic four directly they neutralized the members as well as their technology (possibly their greatest weapon) by transporting the whole damn thing to the n-zone. The real twist comes as Johnny figures out that hhis sister is an imposter and she reveals herself to be Johnny’s old skrully flame, forgive me I couldn’t resist, Lyja. Marvel is doing a really good job of showing that backstory of the invasion as it relates to current events and this looks to be a great mini series. For the next two issues we’ve got Johnny, Ben, the kids trapped in the Baxter building with a Skrull and a grip of N-zone monsters. We’re in store for some excitement.